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Critics Hate On Pizza Hut's Reading Program

Saturday, March 03, 2007

    Here's an article I picked up from ksdk.com about how some ridiculous people are talking bad about Pizza Hut's Book-It program. How could you hate on a program that works like this: Read books--get free pizza?
    The same people who want you to eat carrot sticks and celery all the time are saying that the program promotes bad eating habits. Others are saying that schools should be free of corporate sponsorship. Considering education in this country sucks and the government can't seem to grasp the concept of being fiscally responsible, what are we supposed to do? If we let the government be in charge of the program, you would only get a sticker and maybe a pencil for reading because all the money would be going to overpaid admin people.


posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 3:15 PM


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