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Ignorant Sit-In Continues in St. Louis

Saturday, March 17, 2007

    Students, parents, and I think a School Board member are still sitting in Mayor Slay's office protesting his support of a state takeover of the St. Louis Public School District. They have given a list of demands to Mayor Slay, which you can view here. I love how they say:

"Explain in writing why you are treating our district differently then other districts"

I didn't realize there was a comparable school district in the St. Louis area that was as dysfunctional as the SLPSD. I am pretty sure the SLPSD brings a new whole meaning to the term "dysfunctional".

I was under the impression that one of the main reasons for the sit-in was fear that the state yanking the District's accreditation would keep some students from going to college or getting scholarships. The University of Missouri-Columbia and several other schools have already come out and said that it wouldn't affect admission.

Pubdef.net is probably the best place for coverage of the ignorant protest. The best video has to be this one where the Post-Dispatch reporter (at about the 4 min mark) tells one of the students that they are lying about the University of Hawaii pulling a girl's scholarship. True, it probably wasn't the best way for the reporter to bring that fact up, and it probably wasn't the most solid way to research the accusation, but it makes for a funny end to the video.

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