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What Is Wrong With the Missouri Legislature?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Why is it that towards the close of the legislative session in Jeff City, lawmakers were scrambling to vote on items nullifying items they voted for earlier in the session? I find it wonderful that my tax dollars went towards not only paying them to goof off the first time, but then to fix what they screwed up. Some people seem to think that term limits are the problem. I just think they care too much about playing politics and not enough about the issues.

Here's my take on some issues that passed:

SB22: Allows firefighters in St. Louis and other cities with failing schools to live outside their home cities, subject to the approval of the city's board of aldermen. Grants cities the authority to allow diners to bring their pets to outdoor restaurants
--Interesting how those two issues relate to each other. The firefighter part I am definitely ok with, the pet part is just odd.

SB389: Authorizes the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, or MOHELA, to spend $350 million on college construction projects. Also consolidates the state's two largest scholarship programs and seeks to cap tuition increases.
--One of the biggest issues of the session. I am glad we can skim profits from an organization set up to provide money for tuition so, that we can build some buildings

2007 Session Highlights

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 7:19 PM


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