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Who else can you sue, Mr. Hancock?

Friday, May 25, 2007

    For some odd reason, the father of Josh Hancock has decided to sue based on the events that led to his son's fatal accident. Dean Hancock is suing the following people:

  • Mike Shannon's Restaurant for providing the alcohol

  • Mike Shannon's daughter because she is the restaurant manager

  • The guy whose car was stalled on the highway

  • The tow truck driver who stopped behind the stalled car and put on his flashers to warn vehicles

  • I don't understand this. Why would you put your son's memory on trial here? You are forcing someone to take a stance that it basically was your son's fault he got killed that night. I understand that I can not really understand what it is like to lose your son, but I am confident I would not act in this way. While you are at it Dean Hancock, why don't you sue the following people:

  • The woman who called Josh's phone that night as he was driving

  • The company that made the phone and the company that provided the cell phone service

  • Josh's Cardinal teammates he was going to meet

  • The city of St. Louis for giving Mike Shannon's a business license.

  • MODOT for not putting a shoulder there on 40

  • A-B for making the beer Josh probably drank

  • The Cardinals for paying Josh the money he may have used to buy the drinks

  • This was a tragic accident. Who can really say what caused it? Don't do this, Dean Hancock.

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    posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 12:45 AM


    I don't understand this. I know people are greedy and often in denial about their children's responsibility for tragic events. But this is so over the top that it almost seems like the father is just in a rage. Maybe he is just reacting forcefully against the bad mouthing that he feels his son suffered in the press because of the circumstances. It hardly seems possible that he will actually get money.
    commented by Anonymous mikem, 3:04 PM  

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