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Did The BP2 Get Nifonged?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    New reports are saying that the ballistics used in the BP2 case do not support the claim that a bullet fired from Ignacio Ramos' gun hit the dirty Mexican drug smuggler. Supposedly a Department of Homeland Security agent testified under oath that a bullet from Ramos' weapon hit the dirty Mexican drug smuggler.

Here is the article

So, here is how the bullet was tested:

===Agents supposedly shot dirty Mexican drug smuggler
===Said bullet enters left buttocks area and damages urethra.
===Said dirty Mexican drug smuggler goes to Mexican doctor
===Said Mexican doctor repairs some of the damage to urethra and inserts catheter
===Said Mexican doctor leaves bullet in drug smuggler
===DHS Agent Christopher Sanchez goes to get drug smuggler and brings him back to US
===US doctor extracts bullet. Bullet handed over to Texas Department of Public Safety for testing.

The bullet should have been handed over to the FBI for testing because they handle shooting involving Federal Agents, not the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Agent Christopher Sanchez also happens to be the person who testified that the ballistics test matched Ignacio Ramos' gun.

This article explores the connections between the people involved in bringing the dirty Mexican drug smuggler back to the United States.

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 12:33 PM


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