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Monica Ramos Doesn't Mince Words

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Monica Ramos, the wife of Ignacio Ramos, had some harsh words for President Bush after the State of the Union Address in D.C. She was a guest at the speech of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (D-Calif). She gave her two cents to World Net Daily here. She would like to point out, among other things, that her husband was clearly trying to protect our borders when he shot the dirty Mexican drug smuggler. So, when she hears President Bush talking about securing our borders, two plus two doesn't exactly add up to four.

    Now I won't go as far as she did in placing all the blame on the POTUS, but I would appreciate a little more sympathy out of him. No one can blame her for speaking out, however. She is the one who has to raise kids whose father is in prison. I mean how can you explain to kids that daddy didn't do anything wrong, even though he is on the same side of the glass as drug runners, child molesters, murderers, and rapists?


posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 3:04 AM


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