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Ramos and Compean Update

Friday, January 26, 2007

    The two ex-Border Patrol Agents are still in jail while the federal prosecutor, Johnny Sutton, toots his own horn and a National Guard unit is given medals for not firing when Mexicans come at them with guns.

A belated kudos to Rep. Todd Akin, who represents Missouri 2nd Congressional District in the House, for supporting Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean with his support of this bill He is the only elected Missouri Official in D.C. who has supported this cause to my knowledge.

Interesting quotes from the article linked to above where Johnny Sutton toots his own horn:

"They didn't know if he was an American citizen or not. ... It was outrageous behavior, and prosecutors can't look the other way."
---Well, for one he was a Spanish looking fellow, stopped in a van by the border, running away from Federal Agents towards Mexico. And secondly, don't we expect our Federal Agents to act on instinct?

"We didn't give up much in the use of immunity. We offered immunity. Otherwise, he would not come back from Mexico," he said.
--Thank you, Johnny Sutton. You brought a dirty Mexican drug runner back to the United States. Good for you. I hope you sleep well at night. I am sure that most of America would have preferred to have this POS stay in Mexico. But, no, grand 'ol Johnny Sutton had to bring him back. Maybe the wound in his butt and crappy medical care would have kept him from running drugs to America's youth, but No, Johnny Sutton brought him back and had the United States foot the bill for the best medical care. Now, he is all better and ready to smuggle drugs onto the streets of the United States.

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