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PT's Randomness

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Lie Put Ramos and Compean in Jail

Friday, February 16, 2007

    The trial transcript of the BP2 trial is now available and "surprise surprise" it confirms that the dirty Mexican drug runner was involved in bringing another load of drugs into the U.S. AFTER he was given immunity for load he brought over in February of that year. The judge in the case ruled that the defense could not bring up that October incident because the trial was not about the dirty Mexican drug runner, it was about the fine Americans shooting the dirty Mexican drug runner.

Mr. dirty Mexican drug runner painted a picture of himself on the stand of an inexperienced drug runner who was just doing it in February for some extra money to pay mama's medical bills. The judge in the case apparently went along with the lie in not allowing the jury to see that this was a man who proceeded to continue his drug running ways despite having his urethra severed by a bullet in Feb. It's too bad there weren't two fine Americans around to "illegally pursue him at a high rate of speed" and illegally shoot him in October like there were in February.

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 10:53 AM


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