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MO House Fair Tax Act of 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Edgar Emery (R) is sponsoring a bill in the Missouri House of Representatives that would require the Missouri Department of Revenue to develop plans to implement a state sales tax in place of state income taxes. Awesome idea.

Bill Summary

Wikipedia entry on the "Fair Tax" movement


The blog covering the "Fair Tax" movement

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 1:38 AM


I have testified as a supporter of the FairTax, both MO and US, at the committee hearing of this bill that was scheduled one day and held the next.

I was hopeful prior to this event but the legislators seem to have little interest in FairTax for Missouri for a wide and interestingly varied bunch of reasons ranging from "hurt the poor" to "cross border tax evasion." Oh, there are other reasons, too, such as legislator who think that the purpose of the state's income tax is to redistribute income....

I think every constituent would be amazed at the identity of the two lobbyist organizations that spoke with huge disinformation in opposition to the bill. I cannot believe how those people can lie with such a straight and serious face!

I was INFORMED, with an equally straight and serious face, that when those two lobbyists speak out against anything it is simply DOA! No questions asked! Whimper and cave!

Since then, I have spent a good bit of time on the Capitol hill here in Jefferson City trying to educate and get support for the FairTax. Reception has been lukewarm at best. I have sometimes wondered if I am the only person in this entire "Show ME" state that really has tried to get this idea, both state and federal, going here!

But,until, if, and/or when, the FairTax is the source of revenue for the federal government, I do not see much hope nor realism in a FairTax for Missouri!

Sorry for the pessimism but I an a little depressed right now when I think of how far down the slippery slope this state and this country is!

"I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." Thomas Jefferson 1824 - letter to William Ludlow
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:36 AM  
Great work.
commented by Anonymous Vivian, 6:43 AM  

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